If you or your customers have experienced Ice damn issues along the gutter and lower roof areas a home, business, or commercial property, HTD’s WinterSafe RG heating cables may be an excellent option to prevent these problems from occurring again.

WinterSafe RG Heating cables and accessories are extremely safe, long lasting and robust. Our self-regulating heating cable is not even comparable to the off-the-shelf options available at local big box stores and home improvement centers. WinterSafe RG heating cables bring industrial grade to your residence or commercial property and are backed by a 5 year warranty against any defects.

Roof and gutter de-icing doesn’t have to be difficult. Let the experienced engineers at HTD Heat Trace review your project details and guide you with a personal attention not attainable at any other heat trace source. We’ve been in the heat trace business for over 40 years and you simply do not last that long without integrity, know-how and a quality product. Send us some pictures and measurements and we’ll make sure you get the right material. The first thing to do…pick up the phone and call HTD Heat Trace today.

Tank Heating Product

Roof dams are a safety hazard and can cause major damage to your home or customers property

Wintersafe SRC Diagram
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WinterSafe RG Heating cables

  • Industrial Grade, robust thermoplastic or FEP jacket
  • Simple Installation with HTD accessories
  • 5 year warranty
  • Complete system design support, free of charge
  • Contractor and professional installer discounts
  • Available in 5 Watt/ft or 8 Watt/ft in 120V or 208-277V
  • Extremely safe and reliable self-regulating heating technology
  • cCSAus approved for use throughout the USA and Canada
Standard Roof De-icing diagram

Standard asphalt shingle roof application

Metal Roof De-icing Diagram

Standing seam metal roof application

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