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SPX Plastic Tank Heater Pads

Freeze protection and temperature maintenance for heat-sensitive plastic tanks.

The HTD Heat Trace SPX heater pad is the latest step in the improvement of the SilcoPad range of heaters for plastic tanks. 

The SPX epoxy/glass composite construction was first developed and used in the Eagle Panel range of products for heating FRP tanks. This rugged construction has been re-engineered for performance on heat-sensitive tanks, resulting in a new, ultra-low watt density, highly flexible, waterproof heating pad that includes adhesive backing for quick and simple installation. The SPX tank heater pad has been specifically designed for temperature maintenance and freeze protection on heat-sensitive polyethylene and polypropylene tanks. These tanks require ultra-low watt density, evenly applied heat. The SPX heater pad provides this with the added safety feature of an internal over-temperature thermostat. This additional feature ensures that the pad cannot operate above the maximum permissible temperature of the tank. Being completely waterproof, the new SPX heater pad will continue to operate as designed even if rain, flooding or tank overflow infiltrates between the tank and the thermal insulation. The SPX heater pad utilizes a totally unique and proprietary multi-path heating element that cannot burn out while eliminating the hot-spots that single-path heaters are prone to encounter. The new HTD Heat Trace SPX 210 and SPX 420engineered for efficiency, long life and safety.

  • Specifically designed for safe, reliable operation on heat-sensitive plastic storage tanks
  • Proven epoxy-glass laminate platform performance, with thousands of major installations worldwide
  • Two pad sizes and power outputs for conventional, small and custom-shaped tanks
  • Powerful adhesive backing on each pad for quick, simple, low cost, one person installation
  • Ultra low watt density, high efficiency, and flexibility
  • Popular applications are DEF tanks, Sodium Hydroxide, Sulfuric acid and Sodium Hypochlorite tanks.
  • Factory Mutual approval in The U.S.A. to IEEE standard 515 and in Canada to CSA standard C22.2 no.130-03 for use in the following areas:
    Class I Div.2 Groups B,C,D
    Class II Div.2 Groups F,G
    Class III Div.2

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