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EGLX™ EAGLE Tank Heating Panels

TEGLXdrawinghe Eagle Tank Heating Panel was introduced in 1984 and since then, this unique product and system has been used on tens of thousands of tank heating applications around the world.  Eagle Tank Heating Panels and systems have an unrivalled record of safe, reliable performance and many of the early installations are still operating successfully after 30 years.

Each Eagle Tank Heating Panel now incorporates an aluminum grounding shield that covers the entire back surface of the heater and improved termination features to comply with the most recent revisions to the National Electric Code.

EGLX Tank Heater Construction Features

  • Designed with a proprietary, multi−path, parallel circuit heating element that is virtually impossible to burn out
  • Uniform, low watt density design to avoid hot spots and overheating
  • Pressure laminated epoxy composite that provides an incredibly strong, flexible, waterproof and corrosion−resistant NEMA Grade G−10/FR−4 construction
  • Cold leads can be either routed under the tank insulation or taken directly through the tank insulation for connection to the power supply and control system
  • Low and ultra-low power density heating panels are available for very heat sensitive applications
  • FM Approved for use in classified (hazardous), unclassified (non-hazardous), wet and corrosive environments

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Eagle panel Installation Guide for FRP and Steel tanks