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SPX-C Custom Tank Heater Pads

For freeze protection and process heating applications on plastic, metal and composite surfaces.

SPX-C heater pads are specifically designed to provide the unique product and system features essential for the safe and reliable application of heat to the surface of heat-sensitive plastic, FRP and metal tanks, hoppers, chutes and other custom applications.
SPX-C heater pads are custom designed with pad
dimensions and power outputs available for each unique application. The SPX-C can be engineered with ultra-low watt density for freeze protection on extremely heat-sensitive composites and is also available with watt densities up to 0.60 Watts a square inch, for
maximum maintain temperatures up to 180°F(82°C)
The total construction of the SPX-C heater pad is completely waterproof. Each SPX-C heater is supplied with a rugged, encapsulated, factory made power termination complete with over-braided cold leads in custom lengths to suit your application. The SPX-C heater pad uses a proprietary heating element with continuously spot welded connections. This heating element is laminated into multiple layers of NEMA grade flame retardant, epoxy-glass composite to form a flexible, lightweight heater pad that is easily and quickly installed onto flat or curved surfaces.

Optional factory-applied adhesive backing can be used to bond the heater pad directly to the heated surface, allowing one person to complete a simple and effective installation in a matter of just a few minutes. The SPX-C heater construction also includes an internal aluminum ground shield for full compliance with the latest requirements of the National Electric Code. Each SPX-C heater pad is custom designed for its application, ensuring that the gentle, low-watt density heating will provide the right amount of power for the circumstances, regardless of environment, while protecting the structure and contents of each piece of equipment heated.

  • Specifically designed for safe operation on polyethylene, polypropylene, FRP and
    other types of heat-sensitive materials
  • Custom sizes and power outputs to fit any application
  • Proven epoxy-glass laminate platform performance, with thousands of major installations worldwide
  • Lightweight, flexible and waterproof construction allows temperature maintenance of confined or oddly shaped vessels and surfaces
  • Optional adhesive backing makes installation quick, simple and effective
  • Factory Mutual approval in The U.S.A. to IEEE standard 515 and in Canada to CSA standard C22.2 no.130-03 for use in the following areas:
    Class I Div.2 Groups B,C,D
    Class II Div.2 Groups F,G
    Class III Div.2

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