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versa trace 2VersaTrace™ Series Circuit Heating Cable

VersaTrace VT heating cables are high temperature, industrial grade heating cables that can be used on applications ranging from simple freeze protection to process temperature maintenance of 400°F (204°C).  The VersaTrace products are fixed resistance, series circuit style heating cables, that can be cut to length at the job site and designed to provide power outputs up to 20 watts/ft on operating voltages up to 600 VAC. With exceptionally high temperature exposure ratings of 500°F (260°C), all VT heating cables can be used safely on process piping systems that may need to be routinely or periodically steam cleaned.

VT heating cables are rugged and constructed to handle the highest levels of mechanical and environmental abuse without failure or any loss of performance. Applications that would destroy conventional heating cables are handled with complete safety and reliability. Without exception, VT cables are the toughest industrial grade heating cables available.

VT heating cables are tough and they are also amazingly flexible. VT cables can be cut to length at the job site to match the exact lengths of pipes to be traced and they are easily wrapped around valves, pumps and fittings. The installation of all VT heating cables is quick, simple and requires no special tools, knowledge or skills. A complete range of standard power connection kits, splice kits, tee splice kits and controls are available.

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Long Pipeline Heating Systems

Many types of pipelines must be heated to ensure that the fluid or product being carried within is maintained at an optimum temperature and viscosity for pumping purposes. Occasionally, pipeline heating systems are needed to raise the temperature of the fluid or product being carried within the pipeline.

Thermal insulation alone cannot completely eliminate heat loss from the pipeline.  Continuous levels of heat loss from the pipeline result in cooling of the fluid or product. When the level of cooling becomes sufficient to create viscosity and pumping problems, heat must be applied directly to the pipeline to address the problem.  One of the most common applications of a long pipeline heating system is one that prevents the fluid being transported from freezing during winter operation.

HTD Heat Trace, Inc. specializes in the engineering and design of long pipeline heating systems, and can offer technical and commercially viable solutions for either buried or above ground pipeline heating systems that can perform safely and reliably in climates ranging from the Arctic Winter to Sahara Summer.