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materials winterization FRP freeze protection heater

FRP heater on coal chute to prevent flash-freezing.

FRP Custom Engineered Heating Panel Systems

Eliminate flash freezing of coal, sand, cement, ores, recyclables and other industrial materials. Coal presents unique conveying problems as it passes from the mine mouth to the boiler. Its inherent moisture content, combined with the rain, snow and condensation encountered during shipping and storage can cause the coal to instantaneously freeze and bond to the metal surfaces of conveying and handling equipment during winter plant operation.  This problem is not unique to this material or type of plant and requires a materials handling winterization system that can be used with many other raw materials in many different types of processing facilities. Sand, cement, ores, recyclables and other industrial materials often encounter this same problem. HTD Heat Trace, Inc. researched this specific application by simulating the exact conditions that exist at such sites.  From this information and research came the FRP Coal Handling Winterization System. FRP Heating Panels use a low watt density, flat foil heating element to supply the exact power ratings needed to prevent flash freezing. Full coverage FRP Heating Panels can be manufactured in any shape or size and in flat or curved form to fit the exact area being heated.  The FRP Heating Panel is also dust tight, vibration proof and completely waterproof. The laminated construction is extremely strong, corrosion resistant, and does not burn or support combustion.   FRP Heating Panels are FM Approved for use in classified (hazardous) and unclassified (non hazardous) areas.  Above all, FRP Heating Panels are lightweight, simple to install and equally as simple to remove and reinstall.

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