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HB Heating Module Systems

thermal image hopper modulesThe HTD Heat Trace HB Module System is specifically designed to maintain elevated temperatures within Flyash collection hoppers on Electrostatic Precipitators, Bag houses, Fabric Filters and other forms of dust collectors.

The HB Heating Module System is custom designed to provide low watt density, uniform heating over the lower areas of the hopper. Thermal sizing is based upon maintaining a temperature above the dew point of the incoming flue gases such that condensation cannot occur. The elimination of condensation ensures that the Flyash (or dust) being collected will remain in a dry, free-flowing condition such that the hoppers do not plug.

Well over 300,000 individual type HB Heating Modules have been installed worldwide since the product’s inception in 1976.

HB Heating Module Systems can be designed and engineered for any size and number of hoppers; no application is too small or too large.  HTD has successfully engineered and supplied hundreds of small industrial installations involving just one or two hoppers and a few kilowatts.  Equally, HTD has engineered and supplied most of the largest hopper heating installations in the world, involving several hundred individual systems and connected loads up to 4 Megawatts.

hopper heating njEvery system is custom engineered to meet the exact needs of each project and the complete hopper heating package may consist of HB Heating Modules, mounting hardware, flexible throat and poke tube heaters, power junction boxes, temperature controllers, control and monitoring panels and power distribution cabinets.

HB Heating Module Systems have been successfully used on thousands of major power and industrial air pollution control projects around the world. Many HB Heating Module Systems installed over 35 years ago are still performing perfectly today without any heater failures.  Since its inception in 1976, the HB Heating Module System continues to prove why it is the most viable, safe, effective and reliable solution to fly ash hopper plugage.  From conceptual design, physical design, material and manufacturing quality to installation simplicity, there is simply no competitive heater or system that can offer or rival the EFFECTIVE and PROVEN performance of the HB Heating Module and System!

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