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Type G Custom Engineered Heating Blankets


Conical hoppers are most effectively heated with a flexible style of heater that can follow the varying curvatures of the cone while continuously maintaining the essential heater-hopper contact.  To meet these unique design requirements, HTD Heat Trace, Inc. offers the Type G Heating Blanket.

The Type G Heating Blanket uses the exact same heat source that is used inside of the HB Heating Module. This low watt density heater has been successfully used in the manufacture of thousands of heating modules, heating blankets and heating jackets, and repeatedly proves to be the most reliable heat source for use on fly ash, dust and powder applications.

Flat foil heating elements are sewn into a multilayer, high temperature, fiberglass cloth construction. This 600 volt rated construction is further protected by an additional outer layer of siliconized glass cloth to provide moisture and water resistance.  Type G Heating Blankets are custom sized and shaped to suit the individual application and can be manufactured with power ratings up to 300 watts/sq. ft on voltages from 120 to 600 VAC.

HTD offers a complete design and engineering service for all hopper heating applications. Thermal engineering and calculations will be based upon maintaining your specified temperature with worst case, winter operating conditions. Thermal insulation type and thickness can be specified or HTD can recommend optimum choices based upon your application needs.

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