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HTD Heat Trace has been involved in some of the most complex heating projects in the industry’s history. From custom electric heaters for the high vacuum bake-out jacket systems built for MIT and Caltech’s Laser Interferometer Gravitational Observatories Project to custom heaters for refinery mist eliminators on Alaska’s Kenai peninsula. We can apply our low-watt density heater technology to almost any application. Our custom FRP Heaters can be made to any shape and do not require any additional insulation. Our Factory Mutual US/Canada approved SPX/C custom heaters are 1/16 of an inch thick and are often used to heat irregularly shaped vessels that no other heater could.

SPX-C Ultra-low watt density DEF tank heating system

Custom full-coverage heaters for coal chutes and hopper throats.

Custom heater with internal over-temperature regulator for sky crane track in the foothills of the Himalaya mountains.

Custom track heater

Custom Controllers

We offer complete engineered systems

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